Welcome to the website of the Affaires Publiques en Europe (APEU)/European Public Affairs major at Sciences Po Lille.

Course objective

Taking the European level into account is essential to mastering the dynamics at work in today’s world, whether in terms of security, the environment, personal data protection or industrial policy…
The Public Affairs in Europe (APEu) major looks at the European Union from the angle of its place and role in managing new international and environmental challenges.
It also looks at how rules are enacted, how « law is made » and how policies are implemented, from a political, economic and legal perspective that combines academic teaching with more practical approaches.

Two specializations are available in the second year:

  • The EU in a globalized world
  • European regulation and ecological challenges

Main career opportunities

Career opportunities are to be found in both the private and public sectors:

  • Companies (defending corporate interests, securing financial interests, industrial standardization processes, defending protected geographical indications)
  • Consulting firms (lobbying, communication)
  • NGOs and the associative or para-public sector (responsible for advocacy, setting up and financing European projects)
  • Contractual or statutory civil servant (after a competitive examination for which the training prepares), in local, national and international administrations (diplomacy) or European administrations (EPSO competitive examination, Council of Europe)
  • Research and expertise professions
  • Politics (parliamentary attaché, communication) at both European and national level

Head of the APEU major

Stéphane Bracq

Senior Lecturer in Public Law | Habilité à diriger des recherches (HDR/(Qualified to supervise research)

Research areas: competition law, competition and public service, European Union law and governance

Editorial by the head of the major

Europe is just around the corner, it’s you.

The action of the European Union takes place both in your city, through funding projects, and on the other side of the planet, through delegations.

The aim of the Affaires Publiques en Europe (APEU)/European Public Affairs major is to understand this action not only with a view to gaining access to a profession, but also from a research angle. The aim is to understand international and European relations in order to act more effectively.

When it comes to career guidance, it’s important to note that European professions are more a matter for the private sector than for the public sector. Of course, the European civil service is a possible and attractive outlet. However, it is the private sector that offers the most opportunities. To these careers, we must also add the political professions.

On the one hand, training provides the basic technical knowledge needed to enter these professions, to understand the standards-setting process, and ends with a 6-month internship. On the other hand, it uses teaching through and with research to provide keys to understanding. With this in mind, in addition to the dissertation, two major courses are offered. The first, through discussion with practitioners and researchers, aims to understand the role of the EU in a globalized world. The second focuses on ecological issues.

At the end of the two-year Master’s program, graduates of Sciences Po Lille’s Public Affairs in Europe program have the keys to understanding and fitting into a changing world where decisions and actions are increasingly transnational. Whether they work for an association, a public institution or a company, they will know how to adapt and take into account the multiple factors that influence decision-making.

The « Sciences Po Lille » spirit is also reflected in this course, with alumni investing in a Europe that is close to everyone.

Europe is us.

Stéphane Bracq